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Tinker Creek Greenway

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From Interstate 81, exit 146, travel north on Plantation Road to the stop sign at the intersection of Angel lane and Plantation Road.  Turn right onto Plantation Road and continue 1/2 mile to trailhead on the right.


Tinker Creek Greenway begins at the Hollins Trailhead parking lot and connects to Carvins Cove Natural Reserve, the second largest municipal park in the nation. The trailhead provides the first direct linkage from the regional greenway network to Carvins Cove.

The 2.5 mile, natural surface trail stretches from Plantation Road north of I-81 to Carvins Cove’s Fisherman’s Trail. It connects recreational enthusiasts to more than 40 miles of trail in an 800-acre reservoir open to biking, horseback riding, fishing, and boating. A Carvin's Cove Pass is required to be on reservoir property. Passes can be purchased at a drop box at the trailhead, or at the Carvins Cove boat dock.

Map of the Greenway
FINAL_ Kiosk Map_RVARC_May 2013

Greenway Video
This slideshow video provides a glimpse at the natural beauty of this trail to Carvin's Cove.

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