Looking for an exciting family activity while you're at the park? Horseback riding is only a trot and a jump away. A nearby stable offers private rides for groups of up to six by appointment, or sign up for a scheduled group ride with Roanoke County Parks!

Rides will meet at 3325 Deer Path Trail, 24014 - less than two miles from Explore Park's service entrance on Rutrough Road. Must wear closed-toe shoes and long pants. Helmets and tack included. Weight limit of 225 pounds.

Need more information? Call the Visitor Center at (540) 427-1800.

Upcoming Events:


Horseback Harvest Moon Family Ride (ages 8+)

Take advantage of the bright moonlight provided by September's Harvest Moon. Experience an evening ride on horseback through the rolling hills, fields and woodlands near Explore Park. 

Choose from hour long experiences on 9/14 and 9/15

Scenic Horseback Trail Ride (ages 18+)

Saddle up and experience real world riding with no experience needed. Travel through rolling hills, woodlands and fields in a pristine natural landscape near Explore Park. 

Choose from 1.5 hour or 1 hour experience on 9/14, 9/15, 10/25, or 10/27

Horseback Halloween Family Ride (Ages 8+)

Bring the family out to experience an introductory horseback ride for beginners, through the rolling hills and woods surrounding Explore Park. We'll get into the spirit of Halloween, and costumes welcome! 

Choose from 1/2 hour or 1 hour experiences on 10/26