Wellness Workshop Series

Jump start your fitness goals with our monthly wellness workshops! Get tips from the pros on a different topic on one Saturday afternoon each month. This informative series is only $5 per session for members, or $8 for guests. One hour of your time is worth it for better health!

Scroll down for upcoming classes!


June 9th at 1pm – Body Pump Essentials – Anne Lavery
Are you ready to burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength, and improve bone health by taking Body Pump? Then this is workshop for you!  We invite you to come and learn how to set up for a Body Pump class, how to properly perform a clean and press, deadlift, and squat, and how to maximize the ‘rep effect’. REGISTER ONLINE NOW

July 28th at 1pm – Line Dancing – Pam Butler
Ready to ‘shake your groove thing’ and learn new line dances?  If yes, join us for this exciting Line Dancing workshop!  You will learn line dances to different types of music including Rhythm and Blues, Country, and Zydeco.  All levels are welcome!  Encouraging fun and fitness! REGISTER ONLINE NOW

August 11th – How to Train for a 5k or 10k – Kourtney Covati
Whether it’s your first time running a 5k or 10k race or you’re an elite runner, this workshop will provide you with essential tools to get you race day ready! There are many approaches to training for a race but there are key concepts all experts agree on. Find out what you should do the weeks before your race, the week of your race and the night before!  You will leave knowing how to train properly and how to accomplish your goals for any 5k or 10k! REGISTER ONLINE NOW

September 15th – Core & Posture – Elizabeth Praemassing
In this workshop we look at Habit and Movement Patterns influencing our posture, mood and orientation. Join us to learn simple core strengthening techniques assisting in stability and functionality within the body. You will exit this workshop with expanded awareness and new tools for developing and maintaining optimal alignment and ease.

October 27th – BOSU, Bands, Gliders, & More – Erin Lewis
Are you thinking about creating a new workout or adding variety to your current workout? Then this workshop is for you!  Learn a variety of exercises using just your body weight to strengthen your core, improve your balance, and increase your flexibility by utilizing the fun, effective, smaller pieces of equipment in our Wellness area.

November 10th – Healthy for the Holidays – Lori Fadorick
Is the frenzy and stress of the holiday season wreaking havoc with your healthy lifestyle? Join us for this fun-filled workshop for tips and tricks on healthy eating, stress reduction and finding balance during this chaotic but most wonderful time of the year!

December 15th – No Fear Free Weights – Paula Bany
Curious about the free weight area but unsure of the equipment and how to use it? Come to our No Fear Free Weight workshop to be introduced to the different pieces of equipment in our free weight area and to learn proper set-up and utilization. Discover how to add new weight training moves to your workout routine!