Passport to Wellness

New to Green Ridge? We've designed a 12-week program to get your health and fitness goals back on track! With the encouragement of other members, called Green Ridge Ambassadors, we'll reach out to make sure you're comfortable at our facility. We encourage you to take our weekly passport challenge to help familiarize you with the equipment, learn about our fantastic amenities, and begin forming some healthy habits. Here's how to participate:

Step 1:

Pick up a passport at the front desk when you become a member.

Step 2:

Complete at least two of the four listed challenges per week for your first 12-weeks as a member. Get stamps from staff at the Wellness Desk when you've accomplished your weekly goals.

Step 3:

Redeem your completed passport for a FREE gym bag and two promotional passes!


Green Ridge Ambassadors

As a new member, you should also expect a call from our welcoming committee! The Green Ridge Ambassadors are long-time members who have been devoted to their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and are enthusiastic advocates of Green Ridge in our community. 

Learn about the health journeys of our ambassadors on our Success Stories page!

Bonnie Pritchett


Mark Michie


David Chen


Barbara & Steve Krzysko