Member Handbook

Green Ridge Recreation Center’s Policies and Guidelines

 Welcome to the Green Ridge Recreation Center. We’re delighted you’ve chosen us to be your recreational center for wellness, aquatics, programming, and events.  Your delight in what we offer is of prime importance to us.  So in order to provide you the best possible experience, service, and ensure your time with us is productive and enjoyable please make yourself aware of our general policies and guidelines.    

Members and Guests:

• Please enter and leave through our designated entrances and exits. Members scan in at the front desk each time they enter the center and if you’re purchasing a day pass with us, do have your ID ready upon purchase.  
• We encourage you to secure your belongings in the lockers we provide or perhaps in your vehicle.  If you choose to use a locker you’re welcome to bring your own lock or purchase one from us.  We ask that you remove the lock upon leaving the center.
•  Outside of our pool area, shoes, shirts, and pants/shorts are to be worn.  We don’t allow flip-flops, opened toed shoes or sandals in our wellness area or the gym.  No roller shoes, roller skates, or skateboards are permitted as well.
• Children under 13-years of age have to accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while in the center.
• Children 6-years old or older may use the locker room/restroom of their gender or use one of our family changing rooms, which are located near the indoor pool. Children five and under can use opposite gender locker rooms.
•  All youth groups must have one chaperone for every eight children. Those chaperoning have to pay admittance to the center and be at least 16-years of age or older.  The conduct and actions of any group is the responsibility of the group leader or chaperones. Therefore should mischief of a group member arise or the group itself is mischievous, all may be asked to leave the center.  Refunds will not be given for such circumstances.


•  Food and beverage restrictions: You're welcome to consume food and beverages in our lobby. You may bring a beverage in a re-sealable, unbreakable container into the gymnasium or wellness area. Please do not bring food or beverages into any other area of the facility.
•  We’re a smoke-free facility and we don’t allow alcohol, tobacco products, vaping or illegal drugs on our premises.  
•  Service animals, and pets participating in a center sponsored activities, are permitted only under direct
supervision of their owner.
•  We don’t allow food in our indoor pool, you may bring a beverage in a re-sealable, unbreakable container.
•  Please join us in keeping our center pristine by placing things back where you found them, wiping exercise equipment down after use, and informing us when you find something that isn’t working properly.
• We post specific policies and guidelines for each of our areas within the center.  Please become familiar with them.


• Those 15-years of age and older are welcome to use our wellness center on their own.
• Ages 9-11 may use the cardiovascular equipment upon completing an age appropriate youth equipment orientation.

• Ages 12-14 may use both the cardiovascular and strength equipment upon completing an age appropriate youth equipment orientation.
• Ages 9-14 may use the free weight area upon completing a free weight youth/parent orientation.
• Children under the age of 9 are only allowed to use the track and must remain with their parent or guardian.  Children under the age of 9        may not be on the wellness floor.
• We do not allow any freelance training in the facility.