Brambleton Recreation Center


Socially distanced classes are taking place at the Brambleton Recreation Center. We’ve introduced a lineup of group fitness programs taking place on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. Choose from aerobics, yoga, T’ai Chi and dance exercise programs with your favorite instructors. Registration is available online now. 

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About The Center

Brambleton Center is the home to many of Roanoke County’s recreation programs and serves as the premier facility for program registration. This 32,000 square foot center houses a pottery studio, ceramics studio, a fully equipped kitchen and nine community rooms available for rental. Brambleton Center is also the home of Therapeutic Recreation Services of the Roanoke Valley.

Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve: CLOSED
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Friday, December 27: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
New Year's Eve: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
New Year's Day: CLOSED

Getting Here

From Route 419, turn North onto Brambleton Ave (Rt. 221). Turn right at the first stoplight onto Valley Forge Ave. Follow it to the top of the hill. The center parking lot is on your left.

  1. Oct 2
  2. Squirrels (All Ages)

    Let’s learn about Squirrels! October is National Squirrel Appreciation month and they are everywhere! They live in Explore Park, in your backyard and all over the county. Some people love squirrels – just look up squirrels on the internet, you can find clothes, housewares, yard decorations and more. Some people do not like squirrels at all, just look at sites dealing with pest control. Love them or hate them, join us at Explore Park to learn all about squirrels and appreciate their adaptability ...
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  1. Oct 9
  2. Leaf Press (Ages 3+)

    Go for a hike, collect beautiful leaves, learn about trees and make your own leaf press. Discover why some leaves change colors, and why all trees don’t lose their leaves in Fall. Learn to identity some species of trees by their leaves and bark. What a great way to enjoy a Fall afternoon at Explore Park and start your own leaf collection! This activity is excellent for families. Children must be accompanied by a paid, registered adult.
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  1. Oct 23
  2. Owls! (Ages 3+)

    Come to the Explore Park and learn some interesting facts about these fascinating and somewhat mysterious birds of prey. Find out which owls live in Roanoke County and how to identify them by sight and sound. Learn how and why they raise their young in the winter. Discover the secrets of these intriguing birds and dissect an owl pellet to learn even more! Children must be accompanied by a paid, registered adult.
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  1. Oct 30
  2. Fall Scavenger Hunt (Ages 3+)

    Take a nature hike, follow clues and discover some of the wonders of Fall. Learn about wild animals, plants, and seasonal changes. This is a great family activity for getting outdoors, using your senses, and observing nature. Please dress for the weather. Children must be accompanied by a paid, registered adult.
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  1. Nov 6
  2. Intro to Historic Uses of Plants & Animals (Ages 8+)

    Explore and discover the variety of flora and fauna in Explore Park and find out how Native Americans, settlers, and slaves used the bounty of the forest to survive and thrive. All the basic needs of food, medicine, shelter, clothes, household items and more can be found within the park boundaries. Educational resources and hand-outs will be available. Children must be accompanied by a paid, registered adult.
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