Rental Guidelines

Rental Procedures:
•A fully executed special use permit/contract must be fully approved prior to moving forward with any formal announcement for your event. Any deposits required must also be remitted prior to final approval.  
•The client may also be required to furnish any additional information requested by Roanoke County pertaining to any special arrangements, special services, and equipment required for their particular event.
•All deadlines for submission of permits/contracts must be met or Roanoke County will consider such tentative agreements invalid.
• Weddings require a separate form and fee schedule, available by calling (540) 777-6327.
Food Service:
Food Service will be the responsibility of the client and must show proof of Heath Department approval as well as adhering to all Roanoke County meals tax guidelines. Client is responsible for all clean-up and disposing of same into appropriate receptacles.
Alcoholic Beverage Regulations:
• Prior formal approval must be granted by Roanoke County before your application to the state ABC Board can be submitted. Download Roanoke County's Alcohol Use Application here.
• Client must follow all state ABC Rules and Regulations. The client will assume the liability resulting from the consumption of alcohol by their guests. Roanoke County must have a copy of the client’s ABC permit 72 hours in advance of the event.
•Any activity/event which involves alcohol will require that a $1 million liability insurance coverage be in force naming Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, their officers and agents as additional insured.
•At the sole discretion of Roanoke County additional restrictions may be imposed.

•Roanoke County’s Explore Park facilities are smoke-free.
•Decorations used in Roanoke County’s Explore Park facilities must meet fire safety restrictions. All decorations must be flame retardant.
•Open flame lights are prohibited. All lit candles must be in a protective globe.  
Mountain Union Church may have a unity candle without a protective globe.
•Roanoke County’s Explore Park will not allow materials to be attached to walls, floors, and ceilings with nails, staples, tape or any other substance which might remove paint from the walls or damage walls in any way.
•Client is responsible for all clean up of all materials and disposing of same into appropriate receptacles.

Special Events Coordinator, Wendi Schultz
(540) 777-6326
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